In Loving Memory
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Last updated:  12/26/05

My Dad bought me that first Sears mini-bike for Christmas when I was eight years old, and every other bike up until that Honda CR125 Elsinore at fourteen.  He supported me through my racing, education, and the times when I lost my way as a teenager.  He was a strong proud man with deep convictions and a great deal of integrity.  In his professional life he was an aerospace engineer who participated in the programs that put the first men on the moon.  Later in his career he was a driving force in the Skylab program, the Shuttle, and various other space related endeavors until his retirement in 1993.  He and my Mom then moved to Palm Coast, Florida where he became a master woodworker building many wonderful pieces of furniture that grace the homes of relatives and loved ones today.  He passed away in March of 2005, and I miss him everyday.  R.I.P. and Godspeed Dad, until we meet again.  You left one hell of an example to live by.





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