Yamaha Parts Cross-Reference
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Last Updated: 1/20/06

Yamaha uses a system of part numbers where the first three digits represent the model that the subject part first appeared on.  Since Yamahas are, for the most part, parts bin motorcycles, if you can cross-reference the part number of an item you're looking for to a particular model, it will allow more options for sourcing that part.  I've used this method for finding parts for my 'gray-market' bikes in the parts catalogs at American dealerships.  It is also helpful when sourcing parts through salvage yards.  I was able to find a left front brake caliper for my XS650 by discovering this part was used on an XS1100G and a XS500C.  The following tables reference the first three digits of a Yamaha part number to the particular model that part first appeared on.  It covers all Yamaha models from the beginning of production to 1993.  Hope it's helpful.

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