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Last updated:  12/26/05

Road Atlanta for the finals of the AMA series races with my cousin, Bob (on left), and buddy, Steve (on right), September 2005.  At the tunnel waiting for traffic to clear before heading out.  They need to do something about access to that track.  One way in, one way out sucks!


Race and I took the dirtbikes up to the mountains and camped for week in August of 2003.  Hard to find the Gap with this few visitors.

Highest point on the Parkway.  It was cold and misting, but was blast.

At the Gap again.

Entrance to Parson's Branch road in the Park at Cade's Cove.  The road was closed but we got the bikes under the barrier and rode it for a bit.  Was in pretty bad shape.  I'd done it on a streetbike before, but wouldn't have attempted it on that day!

On a trail we took out of Balsam Mountain campground in the Park.  It was closed due to a lot of rain, they said the creek at the end was too high to cross.  Again, the barrier was easy to get around.

This just after we crossed the creek at the end of the run (14 miles).  As youcan see, the water was quite deep, half way up the engine cases and probably 25 yards across.  We were pumped!

Just outside of Robbinsville, N.C.

At the overlook to Fontana Dam just off Hwy 28.

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