Honda CRM250
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Last Updated: 5/7/07

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My new project bike: a Japanese market Honda CRM250.  It was first manufactured in 1989 for the domestic market and began export to New Zealand in 1990.  It eventually became a wildly popular grey market import in the U.K. and parts of Europe.  Based on the CR250 moto-crosser but with full street lighting, instrumentation, and oil-injection, they were unlike any other dual-purpose bike available in their day.  Production stopped in 1999.  This is a 1993 Mk2/2 model that found its way to the states as a group of eight that were purchased for a riding school.  It was recently bought at auction by a local here in Florida.  The oil injection tank was run dry, so a re-build is in order for the motor.  Also, as is standard for most of my projects, the entire motorcycle will be torn apart and the frame powder-coated, along with various other brackets and appurtenances.  Everything else will be brought back up to spec before being re-assembled.  I hope to have the whole thing completed by Labor Day, but I'm not going to let the schedule get in the way of the job.  Here are the first set of before pictures:

It should be fun, and as they say, stay tuned!

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