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Last updated: 1/16/06

I decided in 2004 I needed a land yacht and started out looking at Gold Wings, but I couldn't get past the looks of those things.  They just looked so cobbled together.  I became interested in the BMW K1200LT because of the styling and their reputation as corner carvers, (at least for a touring bike).  Don't get me wrong, this thing is immense, weighing just over 850 lbs, but once underway it actually handles quite nicely.  At first my wife didn't like it, but she quickly became accustomed to it and now claims it's her favorite bike.  It has all the extras including a heated seat and grips, radio, cassette player, 6-disk CD changer, and cruise control.  We've taken several weekend trips on the "Beemer", averaging about 50 MPG.  


email me:  jmcdvette@netzero.net