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Last updated: 1/16/06

I found this bike on the R1-Forum in 2004 and quickly made a deal with the owner who lived in Ormond Beach, Florida.  I seems he and his fiance had just bought a house and needed the money for some wood flooring they were having installed.  It's sad, but those kind of things happen when you're bringing a woman into your life, you end up trading a beautiful motorcycle for a living room floor.  The bike didn't have a scratch on it, (still doesn't), and was very well maintained.  It is blast to ride around in the mountains, but not a whole lot of fun on the straight roads of Florida.  While the riding position can be a little harsh, I've done 250 mile days on it with no crippling affects.  I will however be inclined to trade with my son and ride his VFR for a while if the opportunity presents itself.



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