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Last updated 12/26/05

This is my 1989 Yamaha TZR250 3MA.  I acquired it earlier this year from a local collector.  It wasn't running all that well when I got it.  Someone had removed the stock airbox and oil injection.  They had tried to re-jet it to make up for the lack of an airbox, but couldn't get it right.  I tried as well, but couldn't get a good balance between top end , and being able to run at all below 5k.  I sourced a stock airbox and filter from Japan as well as an oil injection pump, cables, and tank.  I installed all the parts, returned the carbs to stock jetting, and wow, what a difference.  It starts up easily, idles well, and carborates cleanly from 3k on up.  It still doesn't make any appreciable power below 5k, but will pull smoothly up through the rev range without blubbering.   At about 7k it comes on the pipe nicely and pulls strong up to redline.  It is an absolute blast to ride, weighing well under 300 lbs, it feels as though there's nothing underneath you.  Can't wait to get it up in the mountains this spring.


Some close-ups with the bodywork removed.


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