Vintage Interceptors
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Last updated: 7/31/10

I just bought these two this weekend (7/31/10).  Traded a real nice 1990 XT600 for the VF500, and bought the VFR750 from an add in the Atlanta Craigs List.  They're both in amazing condition.  The VF500 was purchased from the original owner and has 6500 miles.  It has reportably been garage kept its whole life, and it certainly looks like it.  The VFR750 has just 4500 miles.  I bought it from the cousin of the original owner.  Both came with the original owner's manuals and toolkits.

We plan to take a Blue Ridge Parkway trip in September.  If Barbie gets comfortable enough on the 500 by then, that's what she'll be riding.  Otherwise, she'll be on her VTR250, and that would be OK too.  I'll be on the VFR750.  I love a road trip on a new motorcycle.

Even though the 750 has less miles, it's lived a tougher life up until now.  A drop on the right side at some point in its history has left a few scratches on the faring and tank.  I wish it still had the original mufflers.  It runs great, reminds me of my old '83 VF750F.

The little 500 is absolutely beautiful.  Hardly a scratch on it, and original down to the tires.  Those will have to be changed before we put any miles on it.  The only fly in the ointment is a leaky left fork seal.

The 750 even has the much sought after seat cowl.

I am a Yamaha guy, but I've been in love the throaty roar of the Honda V-4's ever since I bought the first Interceptor Honda released in 1983.  My brother bought one at the same time.  We didn't know how good we had it back then, two twenty-somethings riding around on those things.  I guess I'm always trying to just recapture a little bit of those days.

I should have some updated pics of the bikes on our Parkway trip around the middle of September.

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