Yamaha YZ250
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Last Updated: 3/19/07

Checkout my fist ride on the YZ: The YZ goes to Lake Canasauga

I had been looking for another late model, street-legal, 2-stroke dirtbike for a while and found this bike on Supermotojunkie, one of my favorite websites.  It was located in New Jersey, quite a hike from my home in Florida, but I'm always up for a good road trip, so I took off on a Friday morning and picked it up that Saturday.  After a detour to my cabin in Georgia it was back in my garage in Florida on Monday.  I've since added a new set of tires more suited for the gravel fire roads it will be spending most of its time on.  And a computer from Trail Tech that provides a lot of cool functions.  I've had a chance to ride it around a little, and man what a bike.  Light, nimble powerful, and surprisingly tractable.  I'm taking it to Georgia this weekend and expect to get a good couple of rides in on it.  I can't wait.

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