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Last updated 3/9/06

I finally got all the parts back from the powder coaters and have now progressed to the fun part, putting it back together.  I've amassed quite a few upgraded parts over the past few months, but still have a few items left to acquire.  I had hoped to have it all together by this weekend so I could ride it over to Daytona for Bike Week, but it didn't work out that way.  Since the Harley's apart right now as well, I guess it'll be one of the sport bikes.  

Here's a run down on where I stand with the 650.

I went through the motor while the rest of the bike was being powder coated.  All new gaskets, seals, valves adjusted, carbs rebuilt, starter motor removed and blank-off plate installed.  I fabricated a brace for the swingarm and had it welded in place.  The whole bike was disassembled and each individual part coated, over 40 pieces in all.

This picture's kinda fuzzy, but those are Tokico 4-piston calipers from a GSXR and 300mm Galfer rotors.  I installed new tapered roller bearings in the steering head, progressive springs in the forks, new Belray 5w fork oil, and a Mike's XS fork brace.  I also polished the fork legs while I had it apart.


Here's a couple of close-ups of the braced swingarm.  The swingarm was fitted with new bronze bushings, sleeve, and bolt.  Those are a pair of gas-charged shocks made especially for the XS650.  Both wheels also got new bearings, seals, and a new set of tires.

That's my wife in the background with here arms crossed in that "...are you working on that stupid motorcycle again?" look.  I got back to work on it this week.  I'm always going back and forth to the hardware store picking up various nuts and bolts, but I fully expect to be riding it this weekend.  Last major hurdles are hooking up the wiring harness and all the electrics, and installing the front brake lines and bleeding the system.

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