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Frame Restoration
Half-way There

Last updated:  3/1/06

Just bought this bike while on a trip to Georgia this fall.  It was a good running bike when I got it and not bad looking, but needed a little bit of TLC.  It's in about 1000 pieces in the garage right now.  I have a box full of new parts from Mikes XS waiting to be installed.  On the list for improvements are new tapered roller steering head bearings, new progressive fork springs, new swingarm bushings, bolt and sleeve.  The front brakes are being upgraded to dual disk.  I'm going to install upgraded rear shocks but I haven't decided on which ones yet.  The frame is being stripped of all extraneous brackets before being powder coated.  Then I'll begin re-assembling the whole thing, replacing or updating miscellaneous parts and fasteners along the way.  Should be done by spring.  I plan on updating the progress along the way on this website.

Pictures taken by previous owner just prior to my purchase.  Forgot to take any pictures before I took it apart.


My email:  motorcyclefanatic@gmail.com