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Last updated 6/27/10

I've been working steadily, if not quickly, on the Ascot project.  But I have made a lot of progress since the last update.  I got all the parts back from the powder-coater and got the engine re-assembled.  Installed it in the frame and got the cooling system put together.  I also got all the body work off to the painter.  Before that I had to clean the gas tank out and line it, (what a mess as the PO had tried to line it prior and did a terrible job).  I also had to fix the tabs on the tail section before it could go to the painter's.  I decided on a headlight and blinker setup, (more on that later).  And ordered a new computer/instrument unit, (more later as well).  So for now, here's what she looks like.


I had the clutch and mag covers coated, I sanded the "Honda Area", (HA),with 100 grit using my vibrating sander.  Then they were coated in a two step process; first with the HA covered in heat tape the cover was done in gloss black, then the tape was removed and the whole cover was done in clear gloss.  On the mag cover is was actually a six step process as I went back and forth several times with the powder-coater to get it right.



I wire-brushed the coolant and oil feed lines, then cleared them.  I did the same thing with all the fasteners as well.  After painting the heads I highlighted the fins by sanding them with 100 grit using the vibrating sander.




I also had the valve covers powder-coated.  I wire-brushed the valve adjustment access covers and cleared them.  You'll also note the absence of the tach drive, I cut it off and made a blank-off plate to take its place.  It is a bothersome spot for oil leaks and my new instrument unit will have an electronic tach.



I stripped the old paint off the radiator and cleared it.  Who knew there was a beautiful brass radiator under all that old paint.  The view from the top is clean and uncluttered, at least before the electrics and fueling systems go back on.

That's as far as I've gone for now.  Next up is to get the electrics and fueling systems installed, which will be the subject of my next update.


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