The Tear Down
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Last updated 6/27/10

Now that the is bike home and the before pictures are taken, it was time to start tearing it down and see how bad things really were.

Not bad, everything's straight, all the fasteners were still original and the heads weren't rounded off.  Doesn't look like it's ever been apart before.  This is going to be a real nice little bike when it's done.

A good bit of grit and road grime, but no obvious leaks.  The motor shouldn't require too much work.  I found a NOS Mac dual exhaust setup on ebay and bought it.  Once it arrives and I can mock it up to make the brackets, then I'll strip it the rest of the way down and get the frame and other various bits off to be powder-coated.

The unusual double top loop design is made to accommodate the snorkel between the carbs and the under-seat airbox.

I'm going to do something a little different with the front end.  I never really liked the square headlight and high instruments on the stocker.  I'll probably go with a round chrome bucket mounted further down on the fork tubes, maybe try to move the instruments down and in a little too.  The rear, like much of the rest of the bike, was coated with a layer of flat black paint.  Looks like the brake shoes are worn-out as well.


Pipe Mockup

Rollin on Two

Engine In

Getting There


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