Rolling on Two
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Last updated 6/27/10

I  always feel like I've hit a major milestone when I get the suspension and wheels back on where I can roll the bike around.  I got there this past weekend with the Ascot.  Although the bike is assembled with the old, grungy, stock rear shocks now, before it's complete it'll be wearing something much more functional and stylish.  I just have to wait for my wallet to recover a little bit.  But I've got plenty of work in getting the motor in shape before I need to shell out any more cash on parts.

I had the frame, swingarm, and associated bits powder-coated, as well as the wheels.  all assembled with new tires, seals, and bearings.


I polished the edges of the rims, then masked them off with Gorilla Tape and sand-blasted the wheel.  Then I removed the Gorilla Tape and masked off the polished lips with heat tape and took them to the powder-coater.  After the first coat of gold was baked on, he removed the heat tape and recoated the while wheel with clear.  The results are beautiful.  I wire-brushed the rear knuckle and clear-coated it with acrylic.  The front caliper is rebuilt with new rubber and pads.


The front fork sliders are powder-coated with the same silver as the swingarm.  I polished the rear brake backing plate and re-assembled it with a new set of brake shoes.


The painting turned out very nice, I'm looking forward to getting this project finished.  It'll be a few more weeks though, I've got a few other little projects to squeeze in before I can get back on this one.

These are the rear shocks I'm thinking of going with, or possibly a set of Progressives, a little more research to do before I pull the trigger.


The Tear-Down

 Pipe Mockup

Engine In

Getting There


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