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Last updated 12/3/09

Fast forward a couple of weeks, after many long days and nights of work, several hundred dollars in powder-coating and new fasteners, and a few unscheduled trips to the Orthopedist and Chiropractor.  Now the fun part starts, making a motorcycle from the assemblage of parts scattered throughout the garage, the spare bedroom, and certain previously 'off-limits' areas of the kitchen.

First job was to get the motor back in the frame without messing up all the freshly painted parts.



With the motor installed in the freshly powder-coated frame, and the front wheel and forks back in their proper supporting positions, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Still a lot of work to do though.

Now all the freshly painted and polished bits for the engine can start going back together.  The clutch cover had a nasty, deep scratch that's common on these bikes.  After sanding it out, I decided to polish the piece instead of re-painting it.  I like the contrast with the black powder-coated side cover..


I also had the heads powder-coated black.  Again, I like the contrast with the wire-brushed cylinders.


Instruments on.

I stripped the paint from the radiator and buffed the top, bottom, and sides with fine steel-wool.


Wheels and brake calipers installed.  The calipers were rebuilt with new rubber and pistons.  The bike is starting to take shape now.


Rebuild - Getting Started (taking it apart)

A Little Further Along (getting close)

Done (complete, off the bench, and ready to ride)

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