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Last updated 8/16/10

I found this RZ on the RZ/RD owner's group website.  It is very nearly bone stock, with the only exceptions being aftermarket turn signals and a cut down rear fender.  I also removed the anti-dive plumbing from the front forks and replaced it with blank off plates machined by a buddy of mine.  It has about 27k kilometers on the clock.  The top-end was just rebuilt about 3k kms ago.  It runs very well, starts right off, idles smoothly and pulls cleanly through the rev range with a nice surge at about 6k.  I had this bike up at the Gap and on Cherohala Skyway this fall.  What fun this thing is to ride on those roads.  Sure it's not the fastest or best handling bike out these days, but it's certainly different, and highly entertaining.

Edit (10/12/09):  I decided it was time to return the RZ500 to its former, and deserved, glory for the 2009 Barber Vintage Festival.  Well, I didn't get it finished for Barber, (long story), and it's still not done.  But it's well on the way.  You can track my progress here:

Rebuild - Getting Started (taking it apart)

Re-assembly, Putting the Pieces Together(the next chapter)

A Little Further Along (getting close)

Done (complete, off the bench, and ready to ride)


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