Day 7, Big Bend NP, Tx to Rock Springs, Tx
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Last updated 10/22/09

I survived the night with the Javelinas roaming outside the tent most of the night. I little disconcerting at first, but eventually you get used to it.

After packing up, I decided to ride on down the campground road to Santa Elena Canyon to have a look at the Rio Grande. A much different river than the lazy little steam that meandered along US 185 north of Las Cruces in New Mexico.


Afterwards, I headed back out of the park on north US 385 towards Marathon. But not before a couple of pictures at the entrance sign.

US 385 to Marathon had some wonderful scenery, and I later learned that these rock outcroppings represent some of the oldest rock formations on earth.

An interesting looking mountain, one of many along US 385.

At Marathon I turned west on US 90 towards Del Rio. Looks like this would been a nice place to stay.

Some cool looking dirt mounds outside of Sanderson. These went on for miles and miles.

I stopped for a burger in Langtry, home of the legendary Judge Roy Bean.

I met this guy who started riding from San Francisco about six weeks earlier. He was on his way to the outer banks of North Carolina. He said next time he'd ride something like what I was on.

I crossed over the Pecos River where it empties into the Rio Grande just east of Langtry.

I later passed through Del Rio and took CR 674 north out of Brackettville. I misjudged the time and ended up riding into Rocksprings about 9:30 pm. That fifty mile ride up CR 674 was the most harrowing of the trip. The deer were everywhere, on the roadside, in the road, running along beside me, across the road in front of me. Had me pretty worried. It got too late and dark to find the campground I was looking for, (I later found out it had closed), so I ended up checking into a hotel in Rocksprings. These pictures were taken the next morning.

The proprietor.

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