Day 4, Show Low, Az to Silver City, NM
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Last updated 10/22/09

Monday morning started cold, but the sun was shining brightly, and I had a wonderful day of riding ahead of me, and the best part - I didn't have to go to work.

I picked up Hwy 260 and headed east over to Eagar where I hit US 191 down towards Alpine. I stopped at a nice old-time restaurant off the beaten path in Alpine and had a filling Mexican style breakfast.

From here US 191 turned into one the greatest motorcycle roads I'd ever experienced. Ninety-three miles of pine forests, high mountains, beautiful meadows, jaw-dropping vistas, and breath-taking drop-offs. I was busy taking helmet cam videos, so I didn't take many still shots, but here's a couple.

I continued on US 191 through Clifton, first stopping at the Morenci Mine, a huge open pit mine where the earth is stripped bare and laid open to extract copper ore. A practice that was once common place across the west, now only done in a few remaining mines, thankfully.

Just south of Clifton I took Hwy 78, a non-descript looking road on the map, just looked like a connector to US 180 in Mew Mexico. But what a road that turned out to be! Thirty-two miles of pristine pavement snaking up over the mountains and prairies of Apache National Forest. I wish I'd have taken more pictures, but they're all in my head.

I followed US 180 down through Silver City where I took Hwy 152 up into the mountains of Gila National Forest. I found a great campsite off the side of the road at Emory Pass, elevation 8228 ft. This would be my last free night of camping, and the last cold one.

I camped right along this clear running creek. The sounds coming from it at night made for good sleeping.

This is my cooking setup, something I learned from a fellow ADVrider forum member. The homemade Bunsen burner uses Heet, found in almost any hardware store. My breakfast usually consisted of oatmeal, with walnuts, maple syrup, and honey, with instant coffee. It was great on those cold mornings.

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